Picture this. You received a beautiful black and white, but mostly black, invitation in your mail. You are invited to a high-end black-tie fundraiser, gala, or wedding. After the initial surprise and excitement, a natural question arises.

What in the world do I wear?

Let us help you right there. Designer gowns are a perfect choice for black-tie events. You need a dress that fits your body like a glove and outlines your shape in a classy way. You want a dress perfect for you, after all, it may be a long night, and you need to look stunning all the way through.


When to Wear Designer Gowns?

Designer gowns are the best choice for black-tie events, but you can also incorporate them for a black-tie optional or even black-tie creative party. If we caught you off guard there, black-tie optional gives you the choice of wearing your most formal attire or something less courtly, like a cocktail dress

And black-tie creative allows for a touch of personality on an otherwise formal outfit.

Luckily, the gowns you can find at Claudette Floyd show timeless elegance and you can easily manipulate your accessories to fit the overall dress code of the event. 

With us, you can find black floor-length dresses fitting a red-carpet look and less glamourous but equally memorable gowns for charity events and fundraisers. The problem is not finding a dress suitable for your body shape, the trick is in knowing exactly how glamorous to go to the event.

What you can with certainty believe is that you can wear designer gowns to all black-tie events, be it business events, non-profits, or weddings. If the dressing code is black-tie, your black designer gown will fit in well.


What Should You Wear for a Formal Evening Event?

You have a gown of your choice, and now you wonder what to do with the rest of your attire?

Again, you must know what dress code is expected that evening.

For example, a white-tie event, the most formal of all western tradition dress codes, requires a full ball gown, glamorous makeup and jewellery, and of course, hair styled to perfection. You could also consider long white hand gloves.

On the other hand, you cannot go wrong with a simple, full black designer gown for a black-tie event, often a gala, wedding, or fundraiser. Complement your gown with beautiful, but simple, jewellery and makeup. For black-tie events, you want to look glamorous and classy, but not over the top.


Where Can You Buy Designer Gowns Online?

Designer shopping, like most other types of shopping, has moved online in recent years. So, buying a designer gown has never been easier. All our gowns are only a mouse click away from you. What you can do, if you have any questions or special wishes, is give us a call on (514) 543-6882 or send an email through this form.