Wedding Gowns Montreal

Wedding Gowns

Designer Wedding Gowns Montreal
Designer Wedding Gown Montreal

All brides believe that having the perfect wedding dress is essential for them to look radiant on their big day. 

We understand that the “perfect wedding dress” means different things to different brides. 

For some, it is a fairytale-inspired gown with a close-fitting bodice and voluminous skirt. For others, it is a figure-flattering dress that exudes femininity, accentuating every curve of the body.

At Claudette Floyd, we offer a wide selection of designer wedding dresses in a range of styles. We are certain that one of them is THE DRESS for your big day.

Designer Wedding Gowns
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Designer Wedding Gowns in Different Silhouettes and Styles

Our diverse collection showcases a mix of minimalist wedding gowns with clean silhouettes and statement bridal dresses with elaborate finishing.

Discover the subtle elegance of our A-line wedding gowns which are flattering for any figure. This sought-after style is a favorite amongst brides who want dresses that combine beauty and comfort. 

Find a wide range of mermaid wedding gowns with spectacular cuts that perfectly highlight your curves. From deep-plunge necklines and open back to the use of delicate fabrics and the addition of bows, different elements are incorporated in the design to evoke a sense of romance and sensuality.

How about something delicate and ethereal? We’ve got that covered as well! Claudette Floyd gowns with airy, free-flowing skirts paired with figure-flattering bodices and created using fabrics like lace, sheer and tulle are excellent choices for brides who want a laid-back, magical.

Wedding Gowns Montreal
Wedding Gowns Montreal
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Claudette Floyd Designer Wedding Dresses – Elegance & Exclusivity

A Claudette Floyd bridal gown is both elegant and enduring. It is a unique wedding dress that every bride can call her own – one that is tailored to suit her personal style. It exudes timeless sophistication, never going out of vogue no matter how many years pass.

Exclusive designs, opulent fabrics and immaculate finishing – these are the elements that every bride wants in a wedding gown. And every Claudette Floyd bridal dress embodies these elements, giving brides the glow and confidence they need to look their absolute best when they say “I do”.

Are you a Claudette Floyd bride? Let us help you have your dream wedding dress – one that captures your essence and makes you radiant on your big day.