Tops & Blouses

Elevate your style with Claudette Floyd’s impeccable selection of luxurious tops, designed to effortlessly enhance any ensemble with unparalleled sophistication.

Luxury Designer Tops & Shirts

Our impressive collection features tops with sophisticated silhouettes created from the finest materials. It showcases a seamless marriage of traditional craftsmanship and modern designs.

Women’s Tops

At Claudette Floyd, there is a designer blouse that is going to meet your taste and preference. 

Fancy making a statement with your top? Blouses with color pop prints or intricate designs are difficult to miss. Put them on and you are instantly going to be the center of attention!

Do you prefer a piece with a simple style but still head-turning? Sheer tops with classic silhouettes that exude feminine elegance are the perfect choice. Wear them with a pair of Claudette Floyd trousers for a polished daytime look or a floor-length layered ruffle skirt for a red carpet-worthy ensemble. 

How about something unconventional? Dress tops made of exquisite fabrics – wear them as is or pair them with gorgeous pants, either way you would draw people’s attention. 

Tops by Claudette Floyd

Our collection of beautiful tops showcases diverse styles and designs. Find timeless pieces in classic hues as well as fresh and unique blouses in vivid colors. 

Claudette Floyd tops embody the label’s flair for combining feminine aesthetics, romantic elements and innovative designs. Always with a modern twist, these classy pieces are never boring nor ordinary.

Designer tops with distinctive designs and created from opulent fabrics like satin and lace are just what you need to effortlessly elevate your day-to-day look or make a lasting impression at any event.

Browse our collection of stunning designer shirts, blouses and dress tops and find everything you need to achieve that regal or modern chic look.