More and more of us are turning online when purchasing designer dresses and why not?

It is convenient, there is usually more choice, and you might even save a few dollars.

As great as it is to make the most of this option, you should know what you are doing. After all, when clicking, you don’t have the added insurance of a salesperson who can guide you through every step.

That is why you need to know what you should consider when buying dresses online.

Double Crepe Cut Out DressKnow The Right Size

The easiest way to get the perfect fit when buying online is to have an accurate and recent record of your measurements. Many of us can be guilty of self-identifying with our size, with comments like ‘I am a 12, I have always been a 12’ being commonplace.

However, our bodies naturally change at different stages of our lives. That is why, to find a dress that fits well, you will need a measurement from now, not from yesteryear.

Once you have these details, you should check out the website’s sizing charts. Each page should have one, with details of waist, hips and bust measurements helping you on your way to picking the ideal dress size for your figure.

Know What You Love

When it comes to designers, you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new.

However, you should also know the brands you love. If you have a designer dress and it accentuates everything you want accentuated and hides the areas you don’t, then chances are that their sizes suit you.

They may even have another item in their range that suits you just as well.

If there are brands that fit you better than others, then you should take note, as knowing you have a positive track record with particular designers takes much of the stress out of online shopping.

Cap sleeve cocktail dress. Organza ruffle detail. Straight cocktail dress.Read Online Feedback

Online reviews are a great way to spot any consistent issues with a particular brand’s items.

They will also tell you if designers’ sizes are slightly off. It basically gives you an idea of what you’ll be getting before it arrives.

There is also no harm considering an online store where returns are allowed, as this removes much of the risk of online shopping.

Know What You Are Reading

Do you know what the likes of ‘petite’ and ‘misses’ indicate when it comes to designer dresses?

If not, then you should before you purchase one online. Those are just two examples too, with fashion having its own beautiful language which isn’t difficult to get your head around.

Here at Claudette Floyd, we have a stunning range of designer dresses and a little something to suit everyone.

We are sure you will find something you love!