Most of us have wardrobes filled with all-year clothing combined with season-specific pieces that need to be stored when the season is over. But also designer or otherwise special clothing we will wear for special events, like cocktail dresses or designer gowns.

You want to show those special pieces extra love and care, especially concerning storage. Improper storage can result in discolouration, clothing moth holes, and unremovable stains. Learning how to properly store your designer dresses will help you preserve their quality and looks.


Thoroughly Clean Your Designer Dresses

Thorough cleaning comes before storage. And with designer dresses, you should only consider high-quality dry-cleaning. Take your time to find the right dry-cleaning shop, the one that understands the value behind designer clothing and knows how to handle it. Otherwise, they could make a worse job cleaning your dresses than you and some warm water in a bathtub.

Also, keep in mind that, worn clothes, even if seemingly clean, can contain body oils, and perfume and deodorant stains. For this reason, you should never store your worn clothes together with the clean ones, even if they are good for “another few nights.”


Look for Steam Ironing

Most, if not all, of your designer clothes, should be steamed and not ironed. Most of the dry-cleaning places use a steamer, but it doesn’t hurt to check with them before your turn your clothes in.


Use Natrual Moth Repelents

This one is a no-brainer. You can never know where clothes moths are hiding so the best you can do is use a repellent from the start. We would recommend using natural repellents, but you have to be careful and place them so they don’t touch your clothes.


Use Proper Storage Materials

Designer dresses and other designer clothes need proper storage bags and paper. If you want to make sure your clothes last you a long time, you should use breathable fabric garment bags, like muslin.

The same goes for the paper wrap to protect your delicate pieces. Always use acid-free paper.


Designer Dresses Need Ventilation

If you have the luxury of choice, store your dresses in dark, dry, and airy spaces. However, sometimes you don’t have a choice, so your store your special clothes in the corner of your wardrobe or in another closed space. 

If that is your situation, open the doors and let the clothes “breathe” regularly. Also, don’t leave your clothes in plastic bags, because even those from dry-cleaning can trap gasses and cause discolouration.


An Extra Storage Tip – Don’t Use Wire Hangers, 

Okay, first of all, wire hangers can cause “bunny ears”, and you definitely don’t want that. Secondly, they could also rust and destroy your clothing. Therefore the best you can do is get better-quality velvet hangers or high-quality wood hangers. Don’t be cheap with wood hangers as they can leave splinters in your clothing.


Are You Looking for Designer Dresses?

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