A wedding day is a day to celebrate the rest of your life with your significant other, but maybe more importantly, it is a day to speak your promises to each other before everyone whom you consider dear and important.

It is no wonder then you would like your wedding day to be perfect. It usually takes months of planning to take care of the venue, food, guests, music, and more. And then, what about the perfect wedding dress? You probably already have ideas and examples you like and dislike, but sometimes it is useful to check what the world thinks, what are the wedding gown trends in 2022?

Simple Yet Elegant Wedding Dresses

Elegance speaks confidence, confidence about yourself, about your choice, and about the words “I do”. Claudette Floyd wedding gowns are created with spotless finishing and rich fabrics

Our bridal gowns are elegant and enduring, following your body shape. And that is exactly one of the trends for spring 2022.
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Separable Wedding Gowns

Corset-inspired separable dresses are all the rage right now. It accents your body lines and makes you look sexy and bold for your perfect day. Separable wedding gowns, don’t have to be corset-inspired however.

A lace see-through top combined with an elegant white skirt will create a similar perception while giving you a completely different look. In a time when everyone goes for what is extremely “popular”, it is bold to look at what else can look beautiful.
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Lace Wedding Gowns

Modern lace wedding gowns with decadent detailing are exactly what will be in demand this spring. The lace can come as a separable long-sleeved top or an upper section of a full gown. But making it fit with your style and body shape is where the real magic happens.
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Bridal Dresses with Deep V-Neckline

A classy wedding gown finished with a deep v-neckline will be a huge hit and a must-have in the spring of 2022. And for a good reason. Nothing speaks of a confident bride like a strong woman saying “I do” in an elegant deep v-neckline dress.
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Short Wedding Gowns

Short wedding gowns can be the epitome of simplicity. Perfect for weddings in warmer and humid climates. But don’t misinterpret its simplicity. A shorter wedding dress combined with great footwear and a stunning haircut will leave everyone in awe, plus it’s a perfect opportunity to show your legs!
Wedding Gowns Montreal

Weddings are special days every little girl dreams of, and it has to be perfect. Everything has to be perfect, from the table cloth in the restaurant to the perfect wedding gown. However, the latter is sometimes hard to choose. So why not ask for expert advice? 

If you ever need our help in choosing the perfect wedding dress for your perfect day, you can give us a call at (514) 543-6882 or email us through this form.